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Prevent Hair Fall

I personally go through periods where I tend to lose more hair than usual. It is typical to lose anywhere between 50-100 strands daily – however, sometimes I notice and can feel my hair thinning out. I constantly get asked what to do to prevent hair fall and there are some simple hair care tips I wanted to share with you. In this post, I will talk about some methods that you can try in the comfort of your own home for beautiful hair.

In my previous posts about Amla Oil and Coconut Oil, I discuss the benefits of each of these oils and how it can improve not only the health of your scalp, but how it can prevent hair fall and premature graying. I wanted to share two more tips that you should try out if you are still suffering from hair fall.

Curry Leaves (Limri) – believe it or not, curry leaves have many benefits for your hair, with natural Vitamin C, iron, calcium and many more. Curry leaves are traditionally used in South Asian cooking, but can also be used topically to prevent hair fall, AND premature graying (YAY!). Curry leaves has natural properties to improve blood supply to hair follicles for controlled hair loss and can strenghten your roots. It also provides a natural, beautiful hue to your hair due to its natural melanin pigment levels which give it a naturally healthy color (without harmful chemicals and heat treatments).

The best way to use this is to boil a couple curry leaves with some coconut oil on low heat so the natural oils and properties of the leaves come out and then massage this into your scalp and leave on for at least one hour. Be to sure to wash your hair to ensure all the excess oils are removed, and style your hair as preferred.

Castor Oil – this oil is rich in Vitamin E and proteins, as well as anti-microbial properties which is essential for your hair, especially for those with certain scalp issues such as dandruff. This oil balances out moisture in your hair, and softens hair which leaves your hair and scalp feeling moisturized, even in the hottest climate. Not only does it protect your scalp, but due to it’s high content of protein – it promotes faster hair growth.

For those of you looking to grow out your hair, this oil may be your answer! To use this oil – you want to massage a pea sized amount into your scalp and the ends of your hair. You can either leave the oil in overnight (I would recommend wearing a lightweight shower cap, or for an hour) and wash out using a mild soap. NOTE:  The only downside of this oil is that it may be a little harder to wash out – so be sure to not use too much and wash twice with your mild shampoo.

I know how terrifying hairfall can be, especially when it seems like your hair is thinning out and losing volume. These simple steps that you can incorporate in your hair care routine will be sure to put you on your way to  beautiful hair. Keep in mind that you will have to try out different things to see what works best for you and your hair – what I do may not work for you, which is why I try to share multiple different options with you all.


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