coconut oil for healthy hair

Coconut Oil – Natural Hair Care Tips At Home

Many of you out there may have Coconut Oil in your kitchens – but did you think about using this product get long natural hair? Coconut oil contains a lot of moisturizing properties – the fatty acids and natural vitamins provide nourishment for your hair to promote healthy hair. I wanted to share some natural hair tips on how you can use this amazing oil to get beautiful hair.¬† You don’t have to go to the salon and spend all your time and money using expensive products to promote beautiful hair.¬†There are some great benefits to using coconut oil not just for your skin, but also for your hair, so let’s dive right into these tips for healthy hair at home:

  1. Promotes Hair Growth – For those of you out there looking to grow out your hair, using coconut oil contains many natural vitamins and minerals to help your hair grow thicker, stronger, and healthier. Not only does the oil nourish your scalp, it removes any dirt residue from your roots, and prevents breakage which allows your hair to grow strong and healthier.
  2. Combats Dandruff – The constant use of our styling products, or heat styling can cause your scalp to be stripped of natural oils. These natural oils are important to the health of your hair. Using coconut oil can help combat that dry, itchy, flakey scalp. If you heat the oil just so it is a tad above room temperature, it allows the oil to provide extra nourishment and nutrients to the scalp. Using this at least once a week will definitely combat any dandruff leaving your hair healthy.
  3. Detangles – For those of you out there with curly hair, using coconut oil can help maintain frizz and get rid of those dreaded tangles! You can use a small amount heated (just above room temperature) and massage a small amount into your hair – post hair wash. Keep in mind that since you are adding oil post washing, you want to use a pea sized amount because a little goes a long way! You want to start from the tips and move to the roots and comb through your hair. Then, let the coconut do its magic and nourish your curls throughout the day! This little trick can definitely bring that bounce back to your curls!


Using these healthy hair care tips at home can definitely save you some time and money that you would otherwise spend at a salon. So get yourself a jar of 100% extra virgin coconut oil and get oiling! You will be on your way to beautiful hair!

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